I have given God countless reasons not to love me. None of them has been strong enough to change Him.
Paul Washer  (via littlethingsaboutgod)

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Giving Her Away


One of the sweetest vow I’ve ever heard.

Tobin, I make these vows to you as a demonstration and expression not only of my love for you but also for Jesus, knowing full well that I am a sinner, I am imperfect, flawed, and I will fall short. I make these vows to you because I will strive to keep them with all my heart and strength not just because I love you, but in obedience to our perfect Savior who designed and ordained the sacred covenant of marriage.

I vow to give myself up for you daily and sacrificially as God gave his son up for us as sinners, and to put your needs before mine.

I vow to count your interests more important, and in humility to consider others better than myself.

I vow to walk in the Spirit daily and love Jesus first, to work to keep him my everything so that he may enable me to love you fully as my husband.

I vow to find my all and identity in Jesus and not to pressure you to be my meaning, significance, and satisfaction in life.

I vow to serve you intentionally and sacrificially with joy in my heart as Jesus served us all the way to the cross.

I vow not to expect you to read my mind but humbly and eagerly come before you expressing my desires and needs.

I vow not to manipulate and control, and I vow not to be a slave to my emotions, because this is sin and displeases the Lord.

I vow to give you grace and mercy freely, openly, and often, as the Lord so generously gives us.

I vow to affirm you and encourage you. I vow to build you up and cheer you on when you feel no one else will.

I vow to be your best friend, to listen to you, to talk to you, to cry with you, to laugh with you, and to love on you.

I vow to do more side-by-side things with you, and to take on your passions, interests, and hobbies as my own.

I vow to love you on your worst day at the lowest of lows, and on your best day.

Makes me cry..

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